Journal of Competences, Strategy & Management (JCSM)

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Prof. Dr. Klaus Bellmann, University of Mainz, Germany
Prof. Dr. Christoph Burmann, University of Bremen, Germany
Prof. Dr. Jörg Freiling, University of Bremen, Germany (Editor-in-Chief)
Prof. Dr. Hans-Georg Gemünden, Technical University of Berlin, Germany
Prof. Dr. Wolfgang H. Güttel, University of Linz, Austria
Prof. Dr. Hans H. Hinterhuber, University of Innsbruck, Austria
Interim Prof. Dr. Sven M. Laudien, University of Magdeburg, Germany
Prof. Dr. Dietrich von der Oelsnitz, Technical University of Braunschweig, Germany
Prof. Dr. Heike Proff, University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany
Prof. Dr. Christoph Rasche, University of Potsdam, Germany
Prof. Dr. Michael Stephan, University of Marburg, Germany
Prof. Dr. Erich Zahn, University of Stuttgart, Germany


The “Journal of Competences, Strategy & Management” (acronym: JCSM) provides a forum for academic contributions to the issues of organizational competences and dynamic capabilities at the interface between strategic management and organization studies. The first volume was released in 2007 and the issues are published on an annual basis. All papers are to be submitted in English language and in line with the publication standards. They undergo a double-blind review process where reviewers and editors intend to support authors of in-coming manuscripts in developing their paper to a publishable state. We encourage interested authors to submit their papers whenever they consider useful to the editor-in-chief, Jörg Freiling ( JCSM also invites guest editors to frame Special Issues for hot topics in competence and strategy research.

Originated from the German-language Journal called ‘Jahrbuch Strategisches Kompetenz-Management’, the Journal of Competences, Strategy & Management (JCSM) is a forum for papers that address the topic of managing competences (dynamic capabilities) and competencies (skills) from a strategic management perspective. The topic of managing competences and competencies follows an interdisciplinary approach, where scholars from diverse management fields, i.e. from strategy, organization studies, technology & innovation management, human resource management, or leadership studies contribute to advance our understanding as to how firms and non-profit organizations manage their capabilities and skills. During the last two decades, the SKM community (Strategisches Kompetenz-Management) held various interdisciplinary conferences and symposia in order to discuss and share ideas in the field of Competences (in German: Kompetenz), Strategy, and Management. The JCSM serves as an outlet for our interdisciplinary discourse.

The JCSM is positioned as an international journal that invites papers of both the conceptual and empirical kind. JCSM is open for any kind of paper that elaborates our understanding of managing key concepts from a strategic perspective. In the face of volatile, complex and uncertain conditions in business environments, the journal particularly invites papers that address those competences (e.g. routines for environmental analyses) and competencies (e.g. managerial skills) that respond to these challenges. Theory development and application plays a role in the journal as well. Being open to any kind of theoretical background JCSM is particularly interested in the resource-based view if the firm, the dynamic capability view, and the competence-based theory.


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